Ancestors of Lydia Kilbourne - by George Blodgette

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Transcription: Below I've transcribed George Blodgette's genealogy of the Kilbourne family of Rowley up until the marriage of Lydia Kilbourne to Thomas Green. George Blodgette is familiar to any student of Rowley history as the primary author of "Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts."

Background: This document has been handed down to me, Stanley E. Malcolm, by my mother, Ruth Kathryn (Greene) Malcolm, who was given it by her father, Edward Leon Greene of South Paris, Maine. Based on correspondence from Rev. Blodgette in my possession, this work was commissioned by Thomas and Lydia's great grandson, Jacob Lyman Greene, about 1884 and delivered about 1890. During this period Jacob was President of Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance in Hartford. Previously, he had served in the Civil War and later in Louisiana and Texas as Adjutant under General George Custer. Custer's wife, Libby Bacon, and Greene's wife, Annette Humphrey, were close childhood friends in Michigan. In fact, Greene was best man at Custer's wedding. Two of Jacob Lyman Greene's siblings also had distinguished careers: William Warren Greene was a pioneering surgeon and among the founders of the Maine Medical Center in Portland. Samuel Thomas Greene was the first deaf teacher of the deaf in Ontario.

Lieutenant Thomas Green served in the French and Indian War and in the Revolution. In 1788, he and his family moved to Waterford, Maine, where they were shortly followed by 11 other Rowley families who had served with Green. Visitors to present day North Waterford, Maine, will encounter many familiar Rowley surnames. Until recently, they could have dined at the Old Rowley Inn, now unfortunately burned.

Kilbourne Genealogy

Being the genealogy of Lydia Kilbourne who became the wife of
Lieut. Thomas Green

Rowley, Mass. -- By Geo. B. Blodgette.

  1. - George Kilbourne
    One of the first settlers of Rowley, Mass. 1639. He was first of Roxbury, Mass. 1636 and was son of Thomas Kilbourne, baptized at Wood Ditton, Co. Cambridge, 12 Feb. 1612. In Rowley, Mass., he has an acre and one half house-lot on Bradford Street in the first division of lots - registered in 1643. He is mentioned in the will of James Barker of Rowley 1678 as "brother." His death is not of record in Rowley Records but the inventory of his estate, filed in the Essex Co. Probate Office, Salem, Mass. Mentions his death as 14 Oct. 1685. He brought with him to Rowley his wife Elizabeth. The record of her death appears in the Record of the Rowley Church as follows: "Sist'r ye widow Kilborn ffeb., 1697-8"

    Their children, all born in Rowley, were:
    I Mary b. 3 May 1649 m. 30 Dec. 1674 Nathaniel Chapman of Ipswich 2- II Joseph b. (see below)
    III Jacob b. 10 - 6 mo. 1654 was one of the "flower of Essex" in Captain Lathrop's Company and killed 18 Sept. 1675 at Bloody Brook.
    IV Samuel b. 11 - 9 mo. 1656 m. 20 Nov 1682 Mary Foster. She died 1 Nov. 1731. He died 22 April 1722. They had six children.
    V Isaac b. 26 Jan. 1659/60 m. 24 July 1684 Mary Cheney of Newbury. They had five children. He died 19 Dec 1713 "dumb and deaf from his birth" (Rowley Chh. Rec.)
    VI Elizabeth b. 1-2 mo. 1663 m. 6 Sept. 1693 Ephriam Curtis. She was dismissed from Rowley Chh to Topsfield 20 Apl. 1702.

  2. - Joseph Kilbourne (son of George)
    Born in Rowley 5 - 2 mo. 1652; married 30 May 1678 Mary daughter of John Trumble (Trumbull) an early settler of Rowley. She died 9 Feb. 1715-16. The record of his death appears in the Rowley Chh Record as follows: "Joseph Kilborn, sen'r slain by ye Indians at Dunstable July 10, 1706." Administration of his estate was granted 6 May 1707 to his widow Mary and eldest son Joseph. (Essex Probate lib. 9 fol. 97). On the 10 May 1723 Jeremiah Chaplin and Ann his wife, Marcy Kilbourne and Abigail Kilbourne daughters of Joseph, deceased, acquit their right in the estate to their brother George Kilbourne and hers of brother Joseph Kilbourne deceased. (Essex Probate lib. 13 fol. 38)

    Their children, all born in Rowley, were:
    I Joseph b. 20 Oct. 1678; buried 11 Jan. 1678/9
    II Ann b. 28 Nov. 1680 m. 28 Feb. 1703/4 Jeremiah Chaplin of Rowley
    3- III Joseph b. 16 Jan. 1683/4 (see below)
    IV George b. 21 Jan 1686/7 m. 13 May 1712 Phebe Palmer. She died 10 Sept. 1672. He died 8 June 1758 in Rowley.
    V Mary b. 22 Sept. 1689 m. 31 July 1723 Ephriam Nelson of Rowley.
    VI Elizabeth b. 22 June and died 4 Dec. 1692
    VII Abigail b. 15 July 1694 m. Aug. 1727 Richard Clarke of Rowley

  3. - Joseph Kilbourne (son of Joseph son of George)
    Born in Rowley 16 Jan. 1683/4 married 6 June 1707 Mary daughter of John Clarke of Rowley. She was born 8 Feb. 1683/4. He died 5 Mch 1723 in his 40th year (gravestone in Rowley). Administration of his estate was granted 10 Feb. 1723-4 to his widow Mary (Essex Probate 14 : 15). His estate was divided 27 April 1741, his widow "alias Kelley", sons Joseph and Ebenezer, daughters Sarah Chapman, Elizabeth Barker, Mary Dresser, and Hannah Todd each received their share (Essex Probate 24 : 211). His widow Mary married 5 Dec. 1727 Samuel Kelley of Rowley and she died 3 Nov. 1771 "aged 87 years and about 9 months" (Rowley Chh. Rec.)

    Their children, all born in Rowley, were:
    I Sarah b. 23 July 1711, m. 4 Jan. 1731/2 Edward Chapman of Ipswich.
    II Elizabeth b. 5 Nov. 1713 m. 1 Jan. 1733/4 James Barker of Rowley
    III Mary b. 3 Jan. 1715-6 m. in Ipswich, 21 Dec. 1737 David Dresser of
    IV Johanna b. 7 Dec. 1717 m. 27 Sept. 1739 Jeremiah Todd of Rowley
    4- V Joseph b. 2 July 1719 (see below)
    VI Ebenezer b. 11 Feb. 1720/1 m. in Topsfield, 2 Aug. 1743 Abigail Hovey of Topsfield. She died 24 Dec. 1804 aged 89 years. He died 24 Nov. 1808 aged 88 years. Both in Rowley.

  4. - Joseph Kilbourne (son of Joseph son of Joseph son of Geo.)
    Born in Rowley 2 July 1719; married 17 Dec. 1741 Sarah Thurston. She died 9 Sept. 1753. He married (2) 6 March 1755 Dorothy Pickard. She died 12 Aug. 1793 in her 63rd year (gravestone in Rowley). He married (3) _____ Martha Hidden. He was styled "Lieut" and died in Rowley 25 Sept. 1806 aged 87 years. His widow Martha married Elknah Copeland of Rowley. His will is on file mentioning children and daughter Lydia Green.

    Children, all born in Rowley, were:
    Daniel b. 6 Oct. 1742. He was drowned in Rowley River 10 Aug. 1770 - left a widow, Elizabeth, and child, Sarah.
    Joseph b. 31 Aug. 1745. He died in Rowley 13 July 1813. By his wife Ruth (Smith) he had five children born here.
    5- Lydia b. 29 Oct. 1748 baptized 30 Oct. 1748 m. 28 April 1769 Thomas Green then of Ipswich, Mass. They lived in Rowley until 1788. The births of eight children are of record here.
    Mary b. 21 July 1751 m. Feb. 1776 Jonathan Pickard of Rowley
    Thomas b. 3 Sept. 1753 m. in Newbury 17 Oct. 1780 Anna Plummer of Newbury. 23 May 1810 Thomas Kilborn and Anna his wife of Boscawan, N.H. release to David Plummer of Newbury, Mass. all their interest in the estate of their "honored father John Plummer dec'd" (Essex Deeds libro 212 folio 236)